Friday, April 20, 2012

{new checks}
the other day i used my last check and swore i had no more at home in the drawer. i have had cute little owl checks for about two years now and thought i would look at the new designs they had out. well, you can imagine my surprise when i stumbled upon checks from my most favorite artist, kelly rae roberts!!! i debated on ordering them because i will be changing my last name soon but could not resist getting these! they came in the mail today and i love, love, love them! plus i only ordered one box so i could order more with my new last name! ahhh the small things in life :)
ps...these are pics of the checks off the website, i went to take pictures of my checks tonight and realized about the same time chris said to me..."you can't put pictures of your checks online katie!!!" whew quick save~that could have been bad :)
pps...i had two books of old owl checks in my drawer! dang it! but just think, i would have never found these!

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