Monday, February 13, 2012

{she did it!}

i can't remember the last time i a} watched a live awards show or b} stayed up to watch a live awards show. but last night was an exception~adele was performing at the grammy's for the first time since her surgery. anyone who knows me knows my love for adele. i have loved her all the way back when she was nobody and still love her just as much today. i haven't missed a single one of her detroit performances and even drove down i-75 going 5mph in the middle of a winter wonderland to see her live. my dad also shares my love for her. i love that i was the one to introduce her to him {he probably would beg to differ..but i did!!!}. i have been lucky enough to see her live with him twice and honestly can say he will always be my date whenever she's in town. she just moves me. she is so raw and i love how she always seems to stay true to herself. last night's performance was awesome, just like any other. she cleaned house walking away winning in every category she was nominated for including "album of the year"

so, congrats to you adele. i will forever be a fan.

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