Tuesday, January 3, 2012

{days off}

chris and i have recently had a few days off together {THREE to be exact} over the last couple weeks and words cannot describe how AWESOME it has been! i think i forget how "different" our relationship is because i try to fill my time without him with two little girls, my sissy and other great family and friends. but the truth is we spend A LOT of time without each other. we currently do not have a day we wake up and go to bed together, chris NEVER has weekends off and most nights during the week i am in bed before chris gets home - now, i'm not complaining...i know i knew what i was getting into and i so-to-speak "picked" it ... but you know when you get just a teeny tiny taste of something and then it's gone~that's how i feel. i always have to recover from a slump when we have to go back to the norm. i hear people say they can't stand that their husband/boyfriend works every other saturday or sunday or even one saturday a month. i always smile and sympathize with them however think to myself "what i wouldn't give if that were the case.." i also know some people have it worse than i do so, again...not complaining...just recognizing how important these days are with each other, even if they are few and far between.

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